Candido’s Auto Repair is a locally owned and operated, fully certified independent auto repair shop, offering complete automotive repair and maintenance services in the Monroe, WA community for more than 17 years. Whether it’s a car, truck or SUV, our ASE Certified highly trained mechanics will send you home with a safe vehicle that meets all regulations and inspections. We look forward to working with you!

Rated one of the best auto repair garages in Snohomish County.

A Mechanic You Can Trust.

We Service All Major Domestic And Foreign Vehicles

Preventive Maintenance

We offer a full range of competitively priced maintenance services. So whether you need an oil change, fluid flushed, or your fuel injection system serviced, we are equipped to handle it all.

Repair Services

With the latest diagnostic equipment and most up to date software, we can diagnose and repair just about any problem your vehicle can throw at us.

Top to Bottom

From windshield and autoglass replacement or repair, to tire rotation, sales and services, we’ll keep your vehicle on the road.

Whether you need a simple oil change or your vehicle’s engine replaced — and practically everything in between — we can take care of it.

Is your engine running roughly or erratically?

You may need a tune-up if you haven’t had one recently.

Do you smell exhaust when driving?

Could be exhaust system leaks that need to be fixed.

Is your vehicle bouncing up and down more than normally?

Your suspension systems need to be checked.

Does your car drift in one direction or the other?

You might need a front-end alignment.

Warning lights coming on?

A mechanic is the best one to check the cause(s).

Is your car hard to start?

Check the starter, battery, alternator, or ignition system.

Are your brakes squeaking or grinding?

You and the safety of your passengers is important so get them checked.

Seem to be continuously adding oil?

Our mechanics can check to find out what is causing the loss.

Is your battery more than 4 years old?

Time to get it checked to make sure it is holding the correct charge.

Air conditioner not putting out cold air?

Our mechanics can check your air conditioning system and refrigerant.

Free Local Towing

We will pick your car up … from anywhere, and bring it to our shop for service and repair.